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Fun Run - THURSDAY, December 22nd

It is time to just go for a run and taking clomid without prescription have fun. I know it is a busy time of year but at our social tonight, I was asked if we could have a fun run.  

So, how about next Wednesday the 22 of Dec.?

Meet at the best buy viagra end of Myra road about 10:00, unload and head out by 10:30. I don't have a route yet. It is kind of limited because of bridges being out. We will go somewhere. The destination isn't important. It is the ride!!!

We will be back and loaded up by about 4pm.

So what do you say. Let's get out as a club and have fun again. 

There will be no bugs. That is a bonus. Probably no dust either. 

So dress warm and let's go.






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