Promoting the safe and responsible use of trails.

The News

Blueberry Run Vegetation Tender

The Marine Riders Trails Association is offering local contractors the opportunity to bid on a Tender to remove vegetation from the Blueberry Run Trail between Rutter Court in Seaforth and Highway 207 in Porters Lake. Offers will be considered until 1700 Hrs July 7, 2023. More details and a link to the Tender document can be found here:

MRTA Vegetation Tender Document

Blueberry Run News

The Marine Riders Trail Association has started a major reinstatement project to bring the facility at its expected standards as set by the Department of Natural Resources and Renewals (DNRR). The final facility width will be 3m-3.5m to safely accommodate a wide range of users: active transportation and OHV as per their current user permissions from the DNRR.

The vegetation clearing is the first step to restore the trail bed width the drainage system and sight lines. The next phase will be to restore the drainage system and trail bad grading then the surface, so it becomes accessible for all users.

This is a multi-year recapitalization project (not routine maintenance) but the results will safely connect the communities of Eastern Passage Cole Harbour Lawrencetown Porters Lake continuing into Gaetz Brook and Musquodoboit.

The Blueberry Run Reinstatement Project

Blueberry Run Reinstatement project has begun! The Marine Riders Trails Association has contracted WSP to develop a detailed design which we can then use to tender the reinstatement work. With financial help from HRM NS Communities Culture Tourism and Heritage Trans Canada Trail and the Off-Highway Vehicle Infrastructure Fund we hope to begin ‘shovels-in-the-ground’ work next spring. Stay tuned for more information.

In the meantime, if you can help out, please consider contacting us. Drop by a general meeting evening or email us using our contact form below. We'd love to hear from you!

About The Marine Riders Trails Association

ATV rider stopped on the side of a trail letting 3 horseback riders passs

The Marine Riders Trails Association was formed from the Marine Riders ATV Club in March 2022 as a community trails organization that recognizes the health and social benefits of promoting a shared trail vision for users of all ages and abilities. The association is located on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia and focuses on the area between Lake Echo and Musquodoboit Harbour. We have, however, members from all over the province. The number of members continues to grow as the organization becomes more established.

The main objectives of the Marine Riders Trails Association are:

  • To promote safe and responsible use of ATV’s and bikes / e-bikes.
  • To work towards establishing a trail network that gives users of all abilities safe and appropriate trails for recreational and active transportation use.
  • To build, maintain and monitor ATV and shared use trails in our communities.
  • To participate in the Trail Patrol and Citizens on Patrol Programs within our community to promote good trail etiquette and to help maintain safety and order on the trails.
  • To work cooperatively with landowners and other members of the community to reduce property and environmental damage along trail routes.
  • To work towards establishing a trail network that gives all users safe and appropriate trails for active transportation and recreational use.
  • To encourage community members, groups, government, and businesses to be involved in trail sustainability.

The Marine Riders Trails Association meets on the last Tuesday of each month at the Seaforth Community Hall. We meet at 7:30 pm for an hour or so. More information on the Seaforth Community Hall including location can be found here: SEAFORTH HALL


Our Multi-use Trails

Blueberry Run Multi-use Trail

=Shearwater Trail Map

The Blueberry Run Multi-use Trail is a 12km of abandoned Musquodoboit railway bed that goes from the Causeway Road in Seaforth to Stella Drive in Porters Lake. The trail was developed many years ago by a local community group. After hurricane Juan the trail was devastated and the community group no longer had the resources to keep up with maintenance and trail patrol. The Marine Riders however had these resources and were invested in keeping this community trail open. The Marine Riders worked with the original trail group and the Department of Natural Resources to obtain the Letter of Authority for this trail. The trail had been designated as a shared use trail for walking, hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, and ATVing in the past, and as part of agreement for taking over the trail, it was agreed to keep it open to the same shared users.

Shearwater Flyer Trail

=Shearwater Trail Map

The Shearwater Flyer Trail is an 8 KM section of the abandoned Musquodoboit Railway rail bed in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). The trail starts in Shearwater and goes to the Bissett Road. The trail borders on many private properties as well as HRM land and crosses several waterways and wetland areas.

The Shearwater Flyer Trail is a multi-use trail that welcomes walkers, bicyclists, horseback riders, OHVs, and many other users. Note that all OHV users must comply with the Nova Scotia OHV Act and width of the OHV is limited to 1.5 meters (60 inches).

The Marine Riders Trails Association was awarded the Letter of Authority for the Shearwater Flyer Trail effective March 8, 2023. Now the work can begin in earnest to maintain this important multi-use motorized section of the Trans Canada Trail.

There are several areas to access the trail including where it crosses the Caldwell Road and Hines Road.


Contact Us

If you would like to the Marine Riders Trails Association about membership, our trails, or just have a question for us please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you. Thanks for your interest.


How to join the Marine Riders Trail Association

There are many benefits to being a member of the Marine Riders Trails Association. As a member you get to have a say in how the association manages and develops the trails in the Marine Riders Trails Association area. We hold various events throughout the year and are active in our community.

There are 2 ways to become a member of the Marine Riders Trails Association:

Go to the ATVANS website and click on the JOIN US button in the top right of the site and then follow the instructions. (for ATV and Side by Side members only)

Come out to one of our monthly meeting that happens the last Tuesday of every month (excluding July & August) at 7:30pm. The meetings are held at the Seaforth Community Hall 6060 NS-207, Head of Chezzetcook NS B0J 1N0.

The cost for an ATVANS membership is $50 per year. (This includes your MRTA membership fee)

The cost for just a Marine Riders Trails Association membership is $10 per year.

*NOTE: If you own an ATV or Side by Side and want a trail pass you must join ATVANS.