About The Marine Riders

The Marine Riders Trails Association

The Marine Riders Trails Association was formed from the Marine Riders ATV Club in March 2022 as a community trails organization that recognizes the health and social benefits of promoting a shared trail vision for users of all ages and abilities. The association is located on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia and focuses on the area between Lake Echo and Musquodoboit Harbour. We have, however, members from all over the province. The number of members continues to grow as the organization becomes more established.

The main objectives of the Marine Riders Trails Association are:

To promote safe and responsible use of ATV’s, and bikes / e-bikes. To work towards establishing a trail network that gives users of all abilities safe and appropriate trails for recreational and active transportation use. To build, maintain and monitor ATV and shared use trails in our communities. To participate in the Trail Patrol and Citizens on Patrol Programs within our community to promote good trail etiquette and to help maintain safety and order on the trails. To work cooperatively with landowners and other members of the community to reduce property and environmental damage along trail routes. To work towards establishing a trail network that gives all users safe and appropriate trails for active transportation and recreational use. To encourage community members, groups, government, and businesses to be involved in trail sustainability.

2022 Marine Riders Trails Association Executive

President: Charles Lever
Vice-President: Todd Thompson
Past-President: Marty Jefferies
Treasurer: Marg Lever
Secretary: Margie DeSutter


Director of Memberships: Dave Siteman
Director at Large GSAR: Marcel DeSutter
Director at Large: Ross Morash
Director at Large: Steve Wright
Director - Project Management: Jamie Cote