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ATVANS Short-Term 30-Day Membership Now Available

ATVANS NEWS - Fri, 05/19/2023 - 11:34

$25 Short-term 30-day membership now available online only 

ATVANS now offers a short-term 30-day membership. Those who choose the 30-day membership will not receive an ATVANS sticker, however, immediately upon payment they will be emailed a letter of membership. This letter is proof of trail permit and should be printed and kept with the machine during the 30-day period. 

This is an ideal way for new members and others try out an ATVANS membership/trail permit. It is also a good option for guests and travelers from outside Nova Scotia who may not be part of existing provincial reciprocating agreements such as QuadNB, Ride PEI or OFATV. Please note: the short-term 30-day membership is NOT valid under those reciprocal agreements. 

Should an individual purchase more than one 30-day membership in a single year ATVANS can convert it to a full membership for the balance of the year. Members will be required to select a club at that point. 

The short-term membership expires 30 days after purchase. 

Road Trails Act Update - May 15th 2023

ATVANS NEWS - Mon, 05/15/2023 - 12:33

Hello Folks, 

Some more news from the ROAD TRAILS ACT meeting last week.  Many are aware that the act has received Royal Assent but awaits proclamation – this is when the act goes into effect. The meeting with Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal (TIR) staff went well; we have submitted 38 locations identified by clubs across the province and will be providing TIR with more information. This includes land use agreements where required or letters of authority, evidence of community support and if we do not have this, we will begin to gather it with the assistance of the clubs and finally, exact GPS coordinates. 

Staff at TIR and Public Works are preparing an application form to be used for future sites. We also learned that future sites would flow from clubs to ATVANS and then on to TIR staff for consideration. 

For Road Trails on municipal-owned roads, we understand they can proceed through their bylaw process and some have already begun. 

Progress is being made and as we learn more, we will share it with members and on our website. These are exciting times that will create so many trail connections across Nova Scotia. 

Thank you, 

Barry Barnet 
Executive Director 

Road Trails Act Passes Third and Final Reading

ATVANS NEWS - Wed, 04/12/2023 - 10:44

Late last night we learned the Road Trails Act unanimously passed third and final reading. This is great news. Once again, I would like to thank everyone who was involved with this huge effort to bring about positive change for our sport and organization.  

The Act still needs to be proclaimed into law and we need more information on exactly how roads will be identified as “Road Trails”. We have submitted a long list of prospective areas created in conjunction with local clubs. 

The passage of this Act does not mean you can ride your ATV or side by side on any road today. Further details need to be communicated from the department and as we learn those details we will share through our emails and on our website. 

You can find up-to-date information on the Share The Road page on our website. 

Thank you,

Barry Barnet 
Executive Director 

Road Trails Act Has Passed Second Reading (Bill 273)

ATVANS NEWS - Wed, 03/29/2023 - 09:33

Bill 273, the Road Trails Act, has now passed the second reading and has been passed to the Law Amendments Committee.

Click here for more information on Share The Road

For more information on Bill 273 and the legislative process, click here: https://nslegislature.ca/legislative-business/bills-statutes/bills/assembly-64-session-1/bill-273

AWESOME Day for ATVANS and ATV Riding In Nova Scotia

ATVANS NEWS - Fri, 03/24/2023 - 11:16


AWESOME Day for ATVANS and ATV Riding in Nova Scotia 

Bill to Allow OHV Road Travel in Nova Scotia Introduced 

Today Minister Kim Masland introduced a bill putting an end to the “Share The Road” pilot project and making road travel in certain areas legal in Nova Scotia. The bill applies the same rules as the pilot project and new candidate sites will be added as they are evaluated. The bill also allows for municipalities to create bylaws to allow OHV travel on roads they control, where appropriate. 

This is an exciting time for our organization and sport. This was a ten-year effort that finally paid off. We will need to have clear communication and the bill must still make its way through the legislative process. Government has assured me that they will make this happen quickly.  

ATVANS will provide additional details as we learn them in the coming days. 

In attendance at the legislature were Barry Barnet, Executive Director, Paul Smith, Treasurer, Tom Arnold, Vice President, Eric Rideout, Trails Coordinator and Jen MacIsaac, Member Services Coordinator. 

L-R: Tory Rushton (Cumberland South), Minister of Natural Resources and Renewables; Jen MacIsaac, ATVANS Member Services Coordinator; Eric Rideout, ATVANS Trails Coordinator; Kim Masland (Queens), Minister of Public Works; Barry Barnet, ATVANS Executive Director; Tim Houston (Pictou East), Premier of Nova Scotia; Barb Adams (Eastern Passage), Minister of Seniors and Long-Term Care; Danielle Barkhouse (Chester-St. Margaret's), Deputy Speaker; Tom Arnold, ATVANS Vice President 2; Paul Smith, ATVANS Treasurer; Brad Johns (Sackville-Uniacke), Attorney General and Minister of Justice

We have included the government press release for additional information: 

News release 

Legislation Supports Off-Highway Vehicle Use 

Public Works 

March 24, 2023 - 9:14 AM 

The new Road Trails Act, introduced today, March 24, creates a permanent set of rules so off-highway vehicle (OHV) operators can safely enjoy their vehicles on roads at approved locations. 

This also gives riders improved trail connections and better access to services like gas stations and restaurants. 

“The OHV pilot project showed us that Nova Scotians want to be able to use their vehicles to have fun, meet up with friends and enjoy the natural beauty of our province,” said Public Works Minister Kim Masland. “This legislation makes sure we can continue to use current OHV sites, while giving us a way to safely add more connections.” 

The rules for using portions of provincial roads will remain the same as they were under the pilot project. Riders are required to have a valid driver’s licence, insurance, registration and a licence plate. 

The act also allows for enforcement of the rules and gives municipalities the ability to designate local streets for the use of off-highway vehicles through bylaws. 


Our members across Nova Scotia have been patiently waiting for this day. This legislation will help us make vital connections, create safer travel and grow the local economy. 
Barry Barnet, Executive Director, All-Terrain Vehicle Association of Nova Scotia 

Quick Facts: 

  • the off-highway vehicle pilot project started in 2018 and will end October 2, 2023 

  • Nova Scotia’s Off-highway Vehicles Act has not been amended significantly since 2006 

Additional Resources: 

Off-highway vehicle pilot project and reports: https://novascotia.ca/ohv-pilot/ 

Department of Public Works on Twitter: https://twitter.com/NS_PublicWorks 


ATVANS NEWS - Tue, 03/07/2023 - 09:15

From ATVANS Executive Director, Barry Barnet:

ATVANS promotes safe responsible ATVing across Nova Scotia. Last fall members were asked to provide input into a study being conducted on behalf of Injury Free Nova Scotia. Although I don’t concur with all the results of the study some important findings and recommendations are embedded within the report. Most importantly: addressing effective enforcement of existing OHV rules, following known and proven safety measures like wearing proper equipment, safety training and refraining from using drugs and alcohol while riding.  

The report is very detailed and can be viewed by clicking on the attached link:

A Path Towards Improved OHV Rider Safety Report.pdf