Blueberry Run

Brief History: 

Blueberry Run pictureThe Blueberry Run Trail is a trail that was developed on the abandon rail bed a number of years ago by a local community group. After hurricane Juan the trail was devastated and the community group no longer had the resources to keep up with maintenance and trail patrol. The Marine Riders ATV Club was beginning to grow and had these resources. Interested in keeping this community trail open we began the process towards taking over the Letter of Authority for the trail. The community group relinquished their letter of authority over the trail and wrote a letter to the Department of Natural Resources stating that they supported the Marine Riders ATV Club taking over the letter of authority for the Blueberry Run Trail. After meetings with DNR on this unprecedented turn of events, the Marine Riders ATV Club was given the letter of authority over the trail. The trail had been  deemed as a shared use trail for walking, hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, and ATVing in the past. Part of taking over the trail was agreeing to keep it open to the same shared users.

Although the trail is not officially opened, it is still currently used by many people.
If you are a trail user and see any immediate issues, please let us know.

Now What: 

The trail has been officially patrolled by Marine Riders ATV Club's trained Nova Scotia Trail Wardens since January of 2007. 

Educational information is being formulated to help all users share the trail and keep it in good condition.

The trail has been resurfaced, graded, ditched and repaired in phase 1. Funding has been provided by the OHV fund as well as from the Marine Riders ATV Club. Many volunteer hours have also been given by club members.




Appreciation Letter:

"Good afternoon,

I frequently bike on the section of the Blueberry Run Trail between
Bellefontaine Roadin West Chezzetcook and Three Fathom Harbour
and had no idea who had been maintaining the trail over the past
number of years. So I googled it and it looks like it's the Marine
Riders ATV Club.

I would like to say THANK YOU for the ongoing upkeep and
maintenance - most recently the fill that has been put into the
large holes and wash outs on  the section of trail between
Rutter Court and Causeway Road in Seaforth. Also appreciate
the pallet bridge across the gully on the access
road past the Anglican Church Cemetery in Seaforth.

Thank you, thank you for all your efforts. It is most appreciated!!!


Cindy Wade
Seaforth, NS"