Bridge conditions

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In the last meeting it was mentioned that many bridges are out or in disrepair. Is there a list of these bridges available somewhere. It would be useful for trip planning so that you don't get surprised on the trail.

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I don't Have a map right here with me. 

However there are 2 that would most concerning. 

First, the bridge near the Gator Pit (as it's called. It's the gravel pit at the intersection of the Miller Road and Cousins Lake road. The bridge that's on Cousins Lake road, just 100 meters from this gravel pit is gone.  Unless you illegally drive through the river, you won't get past this spot. I have seen where some have driven through, and I'd never judge you if you did, but it is a $257 fine for driving though any waterway over 51cm wide. Plus with spring water levels, it might not be possible. 


Second is the bridge at the south end of Mackay Lake. It's the Huge high bridge people call the "Jeep Bridge" because a dumb kid in a new keep tried to cross it, smashed through and fell into the river. The bridge has been repaired by the "Bridge Fairies" ( big thanks to those hard working woods elves lol). However it's old and comes with no safety guarantees. It's integrity goes down with each passing day. 

Ive crossed it many times and I would do it today. However, I line up well and hammer the gas. I don't give it time to break under me. 


Its all a huge mess of Government paper work and red tape, or it would be fixed by now. There are many in the club who work very hard to keep these bridges repaired, but these have gone "political" and the clubs hands are tied for the time being. 


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Thanks, I appreciate the info.

I was up looking at the first bridge you mentioned the other day. It's at HX23 if I remember correctly. I saw that the support on one side had broken and it had a pretty bad lean to it. The river detour right beside it looked pretty sketchy and rocky coming up one side.

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Thanks for the question Chad. It got me thinking that we should have an "official bridge list" with what kind of condition each bridge is in. I don't see anything right off hand in the club files (sorry new to this secretary position), but I'll bring it up at our next Directors meeting this coming Tuesday.

That being said, there is also a bridge that has been damaged on the airport side of the Old Guysborough rd. Looks like a truck tried to cross it. We were able to cross it back in the fall, but who knows what kind of condition it is in after this winter.

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I think this forum is a great addition especially for topics like this.

A bridge "status" list is a great idea and if that works out perhaps over time general trail conditions can be added. There were several times this winter where folks were wondering what was passable after a snow storm. Even now, many sections are easy traveling while others are still full of ice pack and ruts. 

We should have a TRAIL status section here. It would include the Bridges as they are part of the trail. If we had know about the bridge at the Gator pit earlier it could been repaired. If you use the trails you are responsible for their up keep.