Blueberry Run Trail work

  • Posted on: 14 August 2023
  • By: CharlesLever

The Marine Riders Trail Association have started a major reinstatement project to bring the facility at its expected standards as set by the Department of Natural Resources and Renewals (DNRR). The final facility width will be 3m-3.5m to safely accommodate a wide range of users: active transportation and OHV, as per their current user permissions from the DNRR.

The vegetation clearing is the first step to restore the trail bed width, the drainage system and sight lines. The next phase will be to restore the drainage system and trail bad grading, then the surface so it becomes accessible for all users.

This is a multi-year recapitalization project (not routine maintenance), but the results will safely connect the communities of Eastern Passage, Cole Harbour, Lawrencetown, Porters Lake, continuing into Gaetz Brook and Musquodoboit.