2017 Marine Riders Election Wrap Up

  • Posted on: 3 March 2017
  • By: admin

Marine Riders Executive and Director elections are in the books for another year. Who is doing what? Here is a fill list of all positions and who is filling them:

2017 Marine Riders ATV Club Executive

President: Jim Crowell
Past-President: Richard Ward
Treasurer: Marty Jefferies
Secretary: Marty Jefferies

ATVANS President: Vince Sawler
ATVANS Past-President: Roger Mailman
ATVANS Zone 3B East: Jim Crowell


Memberships: Gerald Settle
ESGSAR Liaison: Marcel DeSutter
Lotteries - 50/50: Jim Crowell
Trail Maintenance: Randall Pitts
Rallies and Fun Runs: Graham Carter
Trail Mapping and Signage: Charles Lever
Blueberry Run: Jamie Neiforth