The Walton Whopper Seek and Destroy Mission

  • Posted on: 4 May 2017
  • By: admin

Who wants to go on a seek and destroy mission, all the way up to Walton for the world renowned " The Famous Walton Whopper". Some of us already know this burger and how good it is.... We'll find it and destroy a very well built and tasty burger! Or anything else on the Walton Pub menu.

Date... Sunday 07 May 17

Departure times... Porters Lake Super Store - 7:30 am // Forest Hills 107 Extension - 8:00 am

Meeting at the porters lake parking lot and departing there on time (7:30 am). We'll turn up on the 107 extension and park along side the highway. At 8:00 am we'll be leaving there and head up towards Elmsdale. There we will turn off the highway and proceed left on the 214 till we meet highway 14, and go to Upper Rawdon. There we will turn left on the Beaver bank Road. Once we turn on the BeaverBank Road we will go about a kilometre and then just past the Highway Garage on the left is the Rawdon ball field. That's where we meet and depart from... the ball field has lots of parking around the back side. We unload and get geared up ready to leave as a group. Departure time from the ball field is 9:30 am... off we go with the building of huge appetites for the Walton Whopper. For those coming from the city and going up Beaver Bank Road, you can meet us there at the ball field and be ready to roll for 9:30 am.

This is a varied fun run on mixed trails, k class roads, logging trails, fields, dirt tracks, and of course a few puddles. For the brave, strong willed, I know I can do it riders, there a water muddy area that will test your skills to the max... this has only been achieved by a select few... Could this be you?

We'll get to Walton, have lunch at the Walton Pub. They have a full menu, so if you think you can't handle the Walton Whopper, then there lots of other choices to take care your appetite. So bring your wallet. After that we'll start our trek back doing a loop and taking various different trails so it's a loop with two tails in it. 

This run averages 110 Km's. It is a full day run. And if your machine is hard on gas, don't forget to bring some, as there is no gas stations in Walton or anywhere near the trail. You don't want to be pushing it! Dress warm and to the weather, as the weather there is different than what is here. Sometimes better, and sometimes worst. Bring snack and refreshments to have, while we do a few trail stops. 

This is open to all. Just remember that all OHV rules apply. This is a rain or shine event, and no rain date is scheduled.

There is no cost to this event, but I will be collecting a money donation to the Marine Riders ATV Club in support of the 2017 Annual Xmas Toy Drive. It's not mandatory but will be appreciated. We have a Toy Drive Fun run in November and then in Dec we take part as a club supporting the Q104 Toy Drive. These donations will allow us to buy toys for the less fortunate children for next Xmas. We're hoping that this years Toy Drive will be our ultimate best. Your support and generosity to this cause really touches the heart and puts the meaning back into Christmas. We've done really well in the past years and we brought in some good trailer loads of Toys. The hat will be passed around for the collection at our departure point. 

If you’re thinking or planing on going, please post in the thread in the forum, so that will give us some ideas of who and how many are going. 

This run has been very appreciated by many members and their families from the club and other riders. So pass the word around and let's enjoy this run together. 




MarcelDeSutter's picture

just to let you know, thus event is still a go! All details remain the same. It should be a good run! It won't be know what trail conditions are.  

But i would say tomorrow's ride should be almot dust free.

See you's at the road points or at the Rawdon Ball Field. Remember we want to leave the ball field by 9:30 am. 

Walton, here we come!