Walton Fun Run Report

  • Posted on: 10 December 2018
  • By: admin

The day started at -16. Is that cold or what? By the time we were around the ball field it had warmed up. It was now around -12. We don’t even talk about the windchill. But a Brrrr thought comes to mind, but once on the trails it was awesome. Blue skies, no clouds, no bugs, no dust... how much better could it be! 8 people came out and attended this run and the search for Santa was now on. After getting through the trails, we landed up to the Walton Pub. Walton Whoppers were devoured. The return trip back to the start point was a good run back to the start point exploring new trails and tracing some trails the we were already on. 

Now the cleanup of our machines is on. Time to thaw them out! 

It was a great day on the trails. Another awesome fun run to the Walton Pub. 

Just to note, we looked high and low for Santa, only to realize that we had bad intel info passed on to us regarding this  Fun Run. Santa was no where to be seen. I think he may have been avoiding us. 

Also we have a good start to our 2019 Marine Riders ATV Club Annual Toy Drive. Many “Thanks” to all who braved the elements today to come out and support our Fun Run.